Pinpoint Profits Reviews – Does It Really Work?

By now, you've heard the hype around the new real estate investing software called Pinpoint Profits by Connected Investors and if you're finding this, you may be wondering is this for you?

Is the software legit? 

In this review, we'll answer these questions as well as giving you an inside look at what makes the software different from all other pieces of software.

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Who Are the Creators of this Software and More Importantly Why Do I Need It?

Pinpoint was created by the founders of the popular real estate investing website Connected Investors. 

Connected Investors has built a community of hard money lenders, network of real estate professionals near me, as well as a mountain of how to information for the investor just starting out looking to flip his first deal or the seasoned investors looking to scale their businesses. 

Do you need Pinpoint? Is this a legit software?

For starters, let's talk about what the software does... 

  • With the tap of a button you can see the...
  • Vacant Houses,
  • Pre-Foreclosures,
  • Zombie Property,
  • Shadow Inventory,
  • Motivated FSBO,
  • Probate,
  • Courthouse Auctions,
  • Online Auctions,
  • REOs, And 
  • Wholesale Deals

The goal of the program is to put data into the hands of the average investor to help locate and essentially Pinpoint deals before they even hit the marketplace. 

It doesn't matter if you're just getting started or a seasoned investor, whether you plan to flip houses, fix them up, or hold them as a long term rental. 

The name of the game is getting quality leads.

Using the Pinpoint software, you'll be able to have access to deals before they hit the market along with the data you need to make a decision.

Imagine how it will feel having deals wrapped up and under contract before the rest of the world even knows...

That's Pinpoint... 

​No matter what type of investing you're doing or if you're just starting out​ - the first factor is lead generation. 

Without leads, your business is not going to do very well.

More leads will mean that you have more potential deals to look at.

Now, the second portion is the quality of the leads

If you spend all your time chasing deals no one else will buy or even will look at, it's going to be a long road for your investment business.

That's why we highly recommend Pinpoint.

You can find deals, analyze, and contact the sellers without wasting time on the bad deals, focusing only on your best deals, and seeing everything you need to make a sound business decision from one dashboard.

​Using the software, you can can increase your leadflow while also increasing your conversion because of the data you have at your fingertips.

An Inside Look and Demo At How Pinpoint Profits Works

We decided to take it for a spin and show you how it looks inside the members area

If you watched the video above or attended one of their webinar promotions, you'll see with just a few clicks how you can easily locate potential properties that are available and see the following:

  • The Owners Name and Contact Details
  • Property Address
  • The Numbers (Mortgage and Equity Available)
  •  As well as the seller's social profiles! 

One of the keys to succeeding in real estate, revolves around data.

No other software provides this kind of data all from the comfort of you home by simply logging into the system.


Wondering if there's an alternative to the Pin Real Estate software?

Upon reviewing a number of software platforms and analyzing their offers as compared to CI's Pin, we feel strongly and highly recommend Propstream 


Pinpoint Profits Promo Code and Pricing Details

​Using our exclusive discount and promo link you can get a huge discount on the Pinpoint Profits pricing. 

We have two options for you. 

Option # 1: 

When you take action from this exclusive offer, you can get Pinpoint for $1497 and subscription free for 6 months, then just $97 per month.  

Option # 2 Easy Pay Plan

Get started today for 3 monthly installments of $597 (subscription free for 6 months), then $97 per month. 

It's all laid out on the training webinar.  

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