7 Best Real Estate Investment Software Platforms (Complete Guide)

If you've been looking for the best real estate software for your investment business, you're in the right spot. 

Inside this guide that's been updated for today's market, you'll see what you need to grow regardless if your a seasoned pro or just getting started.

Our Top Rated Products

#1st Rated

Real Estate Deals From AI

This is the AI program that will help you generate SEO-friendly content to get motivated sellers from your search engine optimization. 

We rank this #1 because this shows how to set everything up using AI as well as getting the content created for real estate investors.  We've got a sneak peek and this program is coming soon.

#2nd Rated


Propstream is a robust real estate data platform that provides users with comprehensive information on over 150 million properties across the United States.

The software enables users to search for properties using customized criteria, analyze markets through visualizations like heat maps, and access valuable property history and ownership data.

Propstream's extensive dataset and toolkit equip real estate investors to identify promising investments by understanding property equities, vacancies, distressed statuses, and more. 

Propstream offers unmatched real estate intelligence. The software is an essential tool for real estate professionals and investors seeking an edge in property market research and analysis.

Click here to read the full review or click below to test it out. 

#3rd Rated

Investor Carrot

Investor Carrot is an all-in-one real estate investing platform designed to automate and simplify lead generation and deal analysis.

Key features include its CRM for managing leads, AI-powered predictive dialer for cold calling, workflow automation tools, and valuation comps reports.  

At the end of the day, Investor Carrot will help you generate more leads for your real estate investment company. 

Click here to read the full review or Click below to test drive the software with a 30 day money back guarantee. 

#4th Rated

Pin Software

What if there was a way to get the hottest, freshest leads in your local market?

The ones that no one else knows about. 

That's what Pin provides and will help you gain a competitive advantage unlike any other tool on the market. 

Read the full review and breakdown here

Which is a Fit For Your Business?

If you break down the real estate investment business, it can be boiled down to the following factors:

  1. Lead flow
  2. Analyzing leads
  3. Acquisition of property
  4. Selling - Marketing the deal

Deciding on what you need is looking at where you're needing to fill the void. 

If it's in leadflow, then you need marketing systems and websites that help you bring in more people to talk to. 

If you're finding that you're overwhelmed with leads but not closing as many as you'd like - maybe it would be beneficial to crank up your systems for selling and analyzing your deals.

What we looked for...

For starters, I should say that we get paid a commission in the event that you purchase one of these programs.

However, we researched the tools to see if they fit a particular need in the marketplace to help real estate business owners, analyze the features, and also look at the investment associated with the programs. 

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