Sean Hannity Gold And Silver – Does He Still Endorse Goldco?

by Jerry Mays 

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Sean Hannity, one of the most popular conservative talk show hosts in America, has recently been advocating for investing in physical gold and silver.

With economic uncertainties on the rise, Hannity has been educating his large audience on how precious metals can preserve wealth and act as an inflation hedge. In this in-depth article, we’ll look at who Sean Hannity is, the precious metals firm he endorses, and his overall perspective on gold and silver.

If you're looking for the quick answer - does Sean Hannity still endorse Goldco? 

The answer is yes.  Click here for all the details. 

Who is Sean Hannity? 

Sean Hannity on Precious Metals as investment

Sean Hannity is a well-known conservative political commentator, author, and host of the popular radio and TV show “Hannity” on Fox News. According to Forbes, he attracts around 4 million radio listeners per week and 3.6 million nightly TV viewers, making him one of the most influential voices in America. Hannity has hosted his show since 2009 after rising to prominence as a co-host of “Hannity and Colmes” alongside liberal Alan Colmes.

Beyond radio and television, Hannity has written five New York Times bestselling books including “Conservative Victory: Defeating Obama’s Radical Agenda” and “Live Free or Die: America on the Brink”.

In his various media platforms, he advocates for conservative political views and supports Republican candidates and policies. But more recently, Hannity has expanded his commentary to warn Americans about the economy and to educate them on investing in gold and silver as a way to protect their wealth.

Who Sean Hannity Backs for Precious Metals

In numerous media appearances and promotions, Sean Hannity has endorsed and recommended Goldco along with the likes of Chuck Norris. Hannity argues that average Americans should consider putting 10-20% of their assets into physical precious metals as a way to diversify out of US dollar denominated holdings.

On his Fox News show, Hannity often brings on economic commentators to talk about the upside potential of gold related investments. He voices strong support for owning bullion coins from reputable world mints over precious metals ETFs and mining stocks. Hannity sees holding physical gold and silver coins in your direct possession or with a trusted custodian as superior to paper forms of owning precious metals.

Sean Hannity’s Perspective on Gold and Silver

So what exactly is Sean Hannity's perspective on precious metals? Based on his commentary, he sees gold and silver as:

  • A wise investment – Hannity argues that with trillions in debt and money printing, fiat currencies will decline and precious metals will retain value over the long run. He sees them as a good way for average people to save and invest.
  • A long-term play – Hannity advises viewing gold and silver as decade-long investments, not short-term speculation. Their value will fluctuate from year to year but rise over time.
  • Inflation protection – He points to precious metals as historically retaining their purchasing power against a declining dollar. Their value rises alongside of inflation.
  • Crisis insurance – Hannity sees physical gold and silver as real, tangible assets that will hold value if the markets, economy, and even society collapse during a major crisis. 
  • Diversification – He thinks retirees and savers should diversify some of their assets outside stocks, bonds, and real estate which rely on a stable financial system. Gold and silver can provide balance.
  • Protect against government – With unprecedented debts and spending, Hannity feels the Federal Reserve runs the risk of causing currency destruction through inflation. Precious metals limit government interference.
  • Non-confiscable – Hannity argues that through history in times of crisis, governments have confiscated citizens’ wealth and property. But physical gold and silver in your possession are difficult for governments to take.

By sharing this narrative, Hannity is helping drive Main Street interest in gold and silver investments that were previously confined mainly to Wall Street institutions and ultra high net worth individuals.

While some economists disagree with Hannity's doom and gloom outlook, he provides a reasonable case for why average Americans should consider diversifying with precious metals.


In summary, popular talk show host Sean Hannity has been advocating that his large audience invest in physical gold and silver bullion, particularly endorsing precious metals firm Goldco. 

Hannity sees precious metals as a wise investment, inflation hedge, and crisis insurance in today’s uncertain economic climate. His perspective is that Americans should diversify some of their retirement savings into gold and silver to protect their wealth over the long run from debt, inflation, and other threats. 

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